EP SSF Rules

Queensland Radio Circuit Car Racing Association.

Technical Rules – On Road Electric 1/10th SSF Tourer

The rules for SSF racing will be as written in the ORRCA 10.5t Rules, available from www.orrcaqld.org.au or at the bottom of this page, with the following amendments:


3.1.1 Batteries not on the approved lists may also be used provided they are of similar hard case construction and only able to be charged to a maximum 4.20v per cell (8.40v total).

4.0 MOTORS and ESC

4.1 Motors must conform to industry standard “05” dimensions.

4.2 Any commercially available 10.5t motor that is on the BRCA or ROAR spec and modified lists is allowed.

4.3 Motors may not be modified from manufacturers specifications with the exception of replacement bearings, timing boards and tuning rotors.
4.3.1 Timing boards and tuning rotors must be made by the same manufacturer as the motor and be specifically designed for the model of motor and approved by ROAR or BRCA.

4.4 Stators must be marked by the manufacturer to show they are a 10.5t stator and be visible through the can or be able to be inspected when the motor is disassembled.
4.4.1 Replacement stators must be direct replacements from the same manufacturer and must have matching part numbers to the original stator.

4.5 Any esc running in Zero timing (Blinky) mode, using software versions on ROAR, BRCA, AARCMCC or ORRCA approval list will be allowed.

4.6 For 10.5, any driver using an adjustable timing capable esc must prove to technical inspection when requested that the ESC is running in approved Zero timing (Blinky) mode.

4.7 10.5 drivers with adjustable timing speed controls will need to have their adjustment tools (lap top/box) with them to prove they are running to zero timing

4.8 Only forced air cooling devices are permitted – one attached to the ESC and one cooling the motor. Fans will be no more than 40mm in diameter. All Motor’s and esc must enter the racing area at ambient temperature. No refrigerant devices, Specialized cooling devices or chemical cooling devices is allowed.