GT Rules

We are offically adopting the ORRCA Gas Touring rules, these rules can be found here…


Generally this is for a few good reasons, the first being it puts us in line with a Qld wide based class for racing, which includes a yearly Gas Touring Qld Championship, being a good enduro type event for limited HP racing.

Secondly, the O.S. 12TG motor has proven a long term reliable performer, it’s also proven to be easy to source, and because it’s used in a Japan one make series, it’s not likely to be discontinued anytime soon, and this garentees long term supply.

At a club level we will still alow other motors for new racers to a point, we would highly prefer you stick to the 1hp limit, and unless you do stick with the ORRCA rules we can’t include you in the yearly club championshps.