Advantages of membership

Only current financial members of the QRCCRA Inc are permitted to use the England Park Raceway complex. Membership also provides you with the option to pay a key deposit for a loan key for you to hold, to gain entry to the track outside of normal racing times to allow you to practice. These keys are replaced each year as your membership is renewed.

QRCCRA membership

  • For those persons who wish to become a full financial member of the QRCCRA Inc, you may purchase a Yearly or Pro Rata Membership from one of the following people:
  • The Race Director at a Race Meeting (this is the preferred method (See Club Calendar for Meeting Dates)
  •  A member of QRCCRA Inc Management Committee (see “Contact us” section of this website)
  • The Membership Application form is available clicking on this link “Membership Application Form” and also from the Downloads section of this website. Please fill out the top portion of the form before you print it.

Memberships are formally ratified at each QRCCRA Inc Management Committee Meeting held each month.


We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time at our facility so please observe some basic rules:

  • The facility is only for the use of on-road RC cars. No other RC vehicles are to be used in or on any part of the facility including the racing area, park adjacent to the track, car park or pits.
    (Note: “No other RC vehicles” means off-road RC cars,buggies, truggies, monster trucks etc)
  • Covered footwear must be worn at all times. Thongs, sandals, bare feet etc are not permitted at any time.
  • Children are welcome – but for their safety, must be supervised at all times and are not to enter the fenced racing area under any circumstances. Please do not allow children to play in the covered pit area.
  • Persons under the age of 15 are not to enter the fenced racing area on their own.
  • Members of the general public are not permitted within the fenced racing area at any time.
  • The current cost for full financial membership is as follows and now includes public liability insurance, public Liability Insurance is compulsory.


Membership categories & Options

Memberships apply from 1st July to 30th June. Pro Rata applies from 1st Jan.

Category: Junior
Full Year: $80.00
Conditions: 15 years or under / Must be accompanied by an adult

Category: Family – Standard Membership
Full Year:  $140.00
Conditions: Parents or Gaurdian + Children under 16 yrs member

Category: Adult – Standard Membership
Full Year:  $120.00
Conditions: Standard Membership applies to members 16 or over.

Category: Associate Membership
Full Year:  $60.00
Conditions: Club race fee same as standard member. No voting right and cannot nominate for AARCMCC, FEMCA and IFMAR events as member of QRCCRA

Category: Key Acquisition
Deposit $25.00
Conditions: Current adult membership required – Key number supplied#

Insurance (Included in current membership fees)
The public liability insurance policy is compulsory and does not cover the loss of equipment or goods through damage or any other such incident. It will be at the discretion of each individual or company to ensure all goods and equipment are adequately secured.

Membership application forms, payment options, and all other forms for members are available here.