Timing Systems

The QRCCRA – England Park Raceway 24/7 Lap Timing System.

England Park Raceway provides 24/7 lap timing, available outside of race meetings, as a service to our members, please do not abuse this system, information on using this system is as follows.

To use this system, first of all you will need a program that can communicate with the clubs AMB decoder, and record your lap data, there is a few options around, but the one we recommend is the free personal use version of our own full scale, world grade timing program/system, and this is “Race Control Management Online Easy” (RCM Online Easy), the following is a link to download the software.

Freeware software section of RCM.

Direct Download

This software will often require administration permissions on some windows systems when installing, so depending on your version you may want to right click and install it as an administrator, there is a known glitch on Vista with this, causing the program to install and then boot up in the wrong language, usually if this happens, you can uninstall it and re-install it correctly and it sound be ok. Also during the install it pays to uncheck “run on exit” at the end of the install, as this can also cause a glitch with Vista.

Once installed there are a few options to go through, many control your race session length, and minimum lap time, you can also assign transponders numbers to names, the program once running will log all your laps, and save the information on your laptop pc.

The primary information to make sure the software works, is as follows, you will need to go into “Configuration”, then choose “Options”, this will bring up your Preferences window.

Most important options in here is to select “AMBrc3”, under the AMB folder icon, then tick the box “Decoder activated”.

Once that has been done, you will need the following settings…

Decoder – AMBrc3
Interface – TCP/IP
Address –
Port – 5403

Those are your all important settings, as it tells the program what to look for, and where to look for it, everything else is not important for the program to work.

Finding the WiFi signal

The only other thing you need in order to use the system, is for your laptop to find the WiFi signal, and connect to the network.

WiFi Signal Name – QRCCRA
User/Password – Currently an open network, with no security needed, this may change in the future.
Note: There is no internet on this network, just access to the decoder system.

Also the system has now been optimised for use in the main pit area, strongest signal will be within/under the main western pit area.