Club Rules


Jan 2009 – Current

Welcome to the sport of model circuit car racing. We hope you will have a long and enjoyable association with the Q.R.C.C.R.A. Present members will be happy to assist you with any problems you may have with your car so please ask if you are having trouble. The following is compiled to assist you in knowing what is expected of you as a member of the Q.R.C.C.R.A. It is also here to help you enjoy this most thrilling of all radio control sports.

Track Preparation Guideline

From Jan 2021, the following track preparation policy will be formalised to avoid confusion on “when” and “how” to sugar the track. The aim is to have maximum of 12kg sugar each week on the track. This avoids the need for frequent scrubbing of the track to extend the life of a 6 years old surface. 

  1. Track preparation is allowed for club days and events only not for personal practice day.
  2. During any weekend event, sugar will be applied once only before first open practice session. If it rains overnight, only the race director can approve a second application of sugar water.
  3. Each track preparation should consist of 6Kg of sugar or less.
  4. Only committee members and scale delegates are allowed to be in charge of track preparation with help from other members. This is to ensure no more than 6kg of sugar is used.
  5. Scale delegates are responsible for club day preparation. When they are not available, they can delegate the task to another club member under the same 6kg sugar max guideline.
  6. On weeks with less than 12kg sugar scheduled to be used. Permission will be granted to practice days on weekend to maximise members usage.

Penalty for violation of Guideline

Guideline will be strictly enforced with penalty.

  1. First offence – 3 months ban from entering QRCCRA facility.
  2. Second offence – 12 months ban from entering QRCCRA facility.
  3. Third offence – permanent ban from entering QRCCRA facility.


1. Drivers will behave appropriately at all times and refrain from using bad language while at England Park Model Raceway.
2. Smoking is not permitted inside the covered pit area, the fenced track and spectator areas. The car park is the only place smoking is permitted.
3. Alcohol is not to be consumed at England Park Model Raceway during a race meeting or practice session. Alcohol may be consumed after a race meeting has been completed. Please drink responsibly.
4. A person under the influence of illicit drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted on the premises.
5. England Park Model Raceway is an ON ROAD only facility. Only on road cars and bikes are permitted on the racing surface. No cars or bikes, of any type, should be driven inside the pit area or in the car park.
6. Drivers will fulfil all of their marshalling duties as allocated by the race director. If they are not able to perform the marshalling duty themselves, they may provide a suitably aged stand in marshal.
7. Children under 15 years are not permitted to marshal nitro or large-scale cars, nor are they permitted to be inside the fenced track area during these races. See the race director to resolve any issues relating to this rule.
8. Drivers, marshals and pit crews must wear enclosed shoes, at all times while at England Park Model Raceway. This includes the racetrack, the sunken pits, the covered pit areas and the driver’s stand. Any spectators wishing to enter the fenced racetrack area must also be wearing enclosed shoes.
9. Engines are not to be started in the covered pit area of England Park Model Raceway. Drivers may use the warm up area near the track entrance at the western end of the driver’s stand. This rule may be relaxed at the race director’s discretion, based on the number of drivers.
10. Drivers are not to lean forward on the driver’s stand as this obstructs the view of other racers.
11. Drivers are to be mindful of other cars on the track when practicing. When possible all cars should be using the same track to practice, and at no time will cars be travelling in opposite directions on the racetrack.
12. Excess fuel will disposed of in the containers provided and not poured onto the garden or into the waste bins.
13. When leaving England Park Model Raceway, members must ensure there is another key holder at the track to lock up when they are finished.
14. Tyre additives and traction compounds are not to be used at England Park Model Raceway.
15. All drivers are expected to adhere to the relevant class rules at all times. Should there be any discrepancies with the rules, a committee member or scale delegate can be contacted for clarification and assistance.