1/5th Super Stock Class (Moto2)        ((Moto3/10.5T Stock)   –   (Moto1/Open Motor))

*Any type of chassis allowed.

*Any type 8.5T brushless motor is allowed.

*Front brake allowed, (see point 2.4 below for specifications).

*Any battery type allowed – max voltage, 7.4V 2S Lipo 40c +, mAh is unlimited.

*No weight restrictions.


2.1  Appearance

*The essence of the sport is radio control motorcycle racing and all bikes should be realistic in appearance, neatly finished and complete with bodywork and rider, all of which should be painted.

*All fairings, bodywork, seat units and rider figures should be to scale and appropriate in both style and color.

2.2  1/5th On Road Dimensions

Wheelbase – Max: 320mm – Min: 280mm

Rear Wheel Diameter – Max: 95mm – Min: 80mm

Front Wheel Diameter – Max: 95mm – Min: 80mm

Any Tyre Width – Max: 35mm

Height of bike inc. rider – Max: 300mm – Min: 240mm

Total race ready Weight – Unlimited


2.3  Tyres

*Any solo bike tyre specifically designed for 1/5th bike use.

*Tyres are open with dimensional limits.

*Tyres must be black except for sidewall detail.

*No slimey and odourless tyre additive are allowed, only at circuits that allow it.

*Tyre caps are allowed in all classes.

*Tyre warmers are allowed.


2.4  Brakes

*Brakes either disc or drum are allowed in, 8.5T/Super Stock, Open/Super Bike classes.

*Only braking via the speed control allowed in, 10.5T/Stock class.


2.5  Body shells and rider figures

*The shape must be realistic; scale representations of actual racing motorcycles although a generic design is acceptable and must include a rider figure.

*Paint scheme is left open to each individual, models can be finished in the riders own design.

*Rider figures hands and feet may be trimmed to allow clearance to steering, primary drive and lean angle/ground clearance but arms and legs must retain a realistic representation of a full body figure in a racing position.


2.6  Battery / Charger

*All batteries used as the main power source to power a bike during a race must be charged with an appropriate charger and charging profile.

*All batteries used as the main power source to power a bike during a race must be charged inside a suitable fireproof container/bag as to minimize the risk of damage.



*Any point brought up at a meeting not covered by these rules to be ratified by a committee member and must be confirmed by a vote by all entrants at the next club meeting.


3.1  Qualifying / Finals Rules

*Qualifying heats are to be of at least 6mins long, or increased if the schedule allows.

*Qualifying is to be a rolling start up to 2 minutes before the start of the heat.

*All finals will be of 10min duration, or 12min max if schedule allows.

*Finals are to be a pit wall line start (2mtrs apart).

*Starts are to be done as quickly and smoothly as possible, a 30sec warning before the start by which time all bikes must be present for the starter to assemble the grid. Missing numbers or late arrivals at the grid will result in a start from the back of the grid.

*All finals will have a maximum of 10 bikes per “A final”, additional competitors will fill B,C,D finals as needed up to a maximum of 10 competitors per race.


3.2  Points System

*Points only to be scored from the finals, Max 50 points for each separate race,

-For example;  1st/50pts, 2nd/48pts, 3rd/46pts, 4th/44pts, and so on..

*At least one lap must be counted in a race to be eligible to score points.

*The club Championship will be contested over 13 rounds, with 1 final race per meeting scoring separately. The best results over 10 rounds will count, meaning that riders who can only attend 10 of the 13 meetings still have the opportunity to compete in the championship.

*Summer racing season consists of 6 rounds, all points are accumulated accordingly.



4.1  General Regulations

*2.4Ghz radio systems are allowed but must conform to the current regulations.



*RC Bikes, All the thrills of real motorcycle racing but without the hospital bills.

*All club members are always willing to give help and advice to new members.

*For all new riders/drivers, the best way to learn to drive RC motorcycles is to come and see how its done, we can also provide you with helpful hints n tips on driving and bike setup which is vital for a well handling bike.


*They’re easier to drive than you think… ENJOY..!!!