Electric SSF

These cars are Electric Powered 1/10th Scale 2WD or 4WD Touring Cars.

This a newly revised form of Super Stock racing (SSF), designed to work within the limitations of the EPR track, as such it has been setup to run on commonly available foam tyres (as opposed to other classes elsewhere running on rubber tyres).

Foam, having being proven to work well at Brendale, means with a few minor setup changes, SSF can be a close and fun class for Friday night racing, it has also be set to use new Zero timing rules, which is designed to keep racing even closer.

These cars generally run a full range of suspension settings, electric cars of all specs and medium to high end prices, though used slightly older cars represent very high value for newer racers once you reach this level.

As previously said they will run foam rubber tyres (common shore ratings 35-45 shore etc available everywhere), and are a single speed system with speeds altered by gearing, they also use ESC’s with zero timing or that support a zero timing mode, current technology means good run times with hardcase LiPo batteries, please be sure to have a LiPo charging sack to meet Australian track safety rules.

They typically run on one of the short track options at our facility on a Friday night, but any track option can be used.